Protecting our Clients from the Fastest 30% Sell-Off in History:

We think about, view and analyze risk differently than most advisors. In early 2020, investors around the world were caught off guard with the ferocity of the market plunge. The risk of a global economic recession had undeniably increased, yet the stock market continued to climb. In February, the S&P 500 was at its highest valuation level in almost 20 years and had closed at an all-time record high. What followed was the fastest 30% sell off in history.

How did Hempel Wealth Management know it was the market top & time to protect our clients’ life savings?

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Hempel Wealth Management (HWM) is a fee-only investment management and financial planning firm based in downtown Chicago dedicated to creating better financial lives for busy individuals and families. HWM leverages and develops proprietary financial technology to provide clients with high-quality service regardless of their geographic location.

Experience Matters

In the world of finance, very few have walked past the George Washington statue on their way to work on Wall Street in lower Manhattan. That corner office overlooking the Statue of Liberty gives a unique perspective. In a career spanning three different decades, I’ve helped clients ranging from individuals underwater in student debt to investment funds for entire countries.

Professional Acumen Matters

The world is rapidly changing. Being average doesn’t cut it. All of our advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Our investment process is driven by proprietary research and cutting edge quantitative algorithms to better serve you.

Ethical Commitment Matters

As fiduciaries, we only serve in our clients’ best interest and are committed to ethical standards that benefit the public.

Father and Son

The Hempel Wealth Management Difference:

Start using the strategies you need to grow real wealth:

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Our Solutions Cover Diverse Financial Needs:

We specialize in providing solutions to ambitious individuals wherever they are in their financial journey.

Who We Serve:

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Young Veterinarian

Income: $100k+
School Debt: $300k+
Desires: Increased Quality of Life

Solution: Financial Planning (Financial Accelerator Program)

Chicago Booth MBA

High Risk Intelligence
Accredited Investor
Desires: Increased Wealth

Solution: Portfolio Management (Quantitative Investment Strategy)


Salary + Bonus
Maxed out 401k, what to do next?
Desires: Retire Early

Solution: Wealth Management (Financial Independence)

Medical Doctor

1099 Contractor
Desires: Tax Savings

Solution: Wealth Management (Advanced Retirement Planning)

Dental Practice

W-2 Employees
Desires: Retirement Planning

Solution: Business Strategy (Corporate Retirement Plan)


Comfortable Retirement
Desires: Protect Assets

Solution: Wealth Management (Portfolio Risk Management)