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Below you will find our latest thoughts on academic papers, economic developments, and our proprietary research. If you would like for us to cover a topic, let us know at knowledge@hempelwealth.com

April 2020 Market Review

Reading Time: 11 minutes Executive Summary: Unparalleled Global Recession is Underway. United States recession underway: Q1 GDP -4.8%. Q2 Forecast -30%. China weakest economy in 44 years. Japan recession underway: Q1 Forecast -4.5% Q2 Forecast -25%. Eurozone posts worst GDP since records began, falling by 3.8%. This the worst unemployment crisis in U.S. history. In the last 6 weeks 30.3 …

March 2020 Market Review

Reading Time: 9 minutes Executive Summary: Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero. Federal Reserve announced QE infinity, printing an unlimited amount of money to support the economy. China’s manufacturing sector bounced back. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) declared that the global economy has entered recession. The German central bank said a “recession cannot be prevented”. The Bank of …

November 2019 Market Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes Executive Summary: The global economy showed resiliency this past month as a number of major countries managed to avoid recessions. Two widely watched indicators of manufacturing activity in China’s show signs of a turn round this past month, unexpectedly showing growth. Japan’s economy grinds to near standstill with 0.2% growth in Q3. Germany narrowly avoids a recession …