Research Driven Investing

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“We offer distinctive solutions designed to help our investors achieve their most important goals.”

Blake D. Hempel – Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Investing ultimately serves a greater purpose, your hopes and dreams for the future.

Our fundamental belief is that investors should be compensated for saving their money regardless of the economic environment.

Make Smarter Decisions

You cannot avoid risk when investing, but you can make smarter decisions. For far too long people have been investing based on emotions and their gut feeling. Buying stocks after they have gone up and selling after they have gone down. Our scientific approach is based on research and evidence. Not emotion.

Nobel Prize Winning Research – Efficient Markets.

Eugene Fama won the Nobel prize for his groundbreaking research that stock price movements are impossible to predict, that bubbles don’t exist, and that the market is “efficient”. This movement dealt a major blow to active stock picking and gave rise to passive investing in the stock market index.

Nobel Prize Winning Research – Inefficient Markets.

In the very same year, Robert Shiller won the Nobel Prize for his research that stock prices can be predicted, especially over a longer time period, such as over the course of several years. In Shiller’s lecture at the prize ceremony, he explained why Fama is wrong and that the markets are not efficient. Asserting that bubbles in-fact do exist and can be predicted.

The Hempel Wealth Investment Philosophy.

It is easy to be confused as to how these opposing viewpoints could both win a Nobel Prize in the very same year. Our research has shown that both are correct some of the time. The secret is knowing when.

Risk Management

At the heart of our investment philosophy is how we think about, view and analyze risk. As risk-aware investors, we strategically use risk to achieve our investors’ desired outcomes and minimize the unintended consequences.

Quantitative Finance

Quantitative finance is a field of mathematics regarding the study of stock market data. This technology was once affordable only by Wall Street firms.

The stock market is usually efficient. When it is not, opportunities can appear. With the rise of the modern computer era, it has made it possible to crunch enormous volumes of data in extraordinarily short periods of time. Our complex quantitative risk management tool was built over a period of many years through a rigorous analytical process.

Recession Prediction

The yield curve has a perfect track record of forecasting every recession for the last 70 years. We use our quantitative risk management tool, the yield curve, and other economic forecasts to minimize investment losses. When the odds are strongly against our clients, we seek to protect your life savings.

Low Cost

Fees in investments vary widely. Cost efficiency is critical to long term investing results. Passive investing in an index is one way to keep investing costs low, which translates into more money for you.

Global Diversification

The days of simple diversification have passed. We live in a globally connected society. Being diversified across geographies, asset classes and asset types can lower risk because even though one or more investments might falter, others will gain. 

Tax Efficiency

Taxes can have a significant negative impact on investment returns. Techniques such as tax loss harvesting, minimizing ordinary income, minimizing short-term capital gains, and employing asset location can maximize after-tax returns.

Investing with Hempel Wealth Management combines the low cost advantages of passive investing with quantitative risk management. Hempel Wealth Management is one of only a handful of registered investment advisors in the country who specialize in this rapidly developing discipline.

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